: List of the micropreparations for the Module 1.
Hyperkeratosis of skin
Skin in Addisons disease
Hemosiderosis of lungs
Ischemic infarction of spleen
Nutmeg liver
Placental infarction
Fibrinouse epicarditis
Phlegmone of muscles, adipose tissue
Epithelioid granuloma
Brown atrophy of liver
Granulation tissue
Cavernouse hemangioma of liver

List of the macropreparations for the Module 1.

Fat dystrophy of liver
Metastatic melanoma of liver
Renal calculus
Gangrene of foot
Infarction of spleen
Cardiac infarction
Brain cyst
Fibrinous epicarditis
Amyloidosis of kidney
Myocardial hypertrophy
Hydropic nephrosis
Fibromioma of uterus
Papilloma of urine bladder
 Cavernouse hemangioma of liver
15.  Ovary teratomas